Stéfanie Vallée

About the artist

Stéfanie Vallée was born in Saguenay in Québec, Canada. She is an accomplished water colorist and has received many awards and distinctions.Stéfanie masters a little-known water coloring technique called indirect painting »where 80% of each work of art is created without a brush by pouring color on the paper, directly from the palette. Feeling free and taking risks are sensations Stéfanie enjoys when she's creating art...and also when she is kayaking, the sport she excels at as a member of the Canadian National White Water Downriver Canoeing and Kayaking Team (Canadian Champion from 2003 until 2008, Gold Medalist at the US Championships in 2007, 5th at the World Cup in 2009).

Meet the artist

«Since 2008, I traveled on five continents, I discovered new lifestyle and realities. I have developed relationship with chinese artists and I am preparing my first international exhibition to be held April 15th, 2010. »[ More ]

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Stéfanie Vallée

A word from Stéfanie

“Two years in China? This was expected. Now that I have a year and a half done, why not stay three years? Well, that is what will happen. My stay will last and it is exciting to think that I have another year to experience the benefits of my dreams. Besides, this dream will come true with his first step, April 15, 2010: launch of an exhibition in Shanghai, before the start of the World Expo, where I intend to promote my international work.”


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