Stéfanie's love for water coloring, matched with her energy and talent as a motivational speaker make her water color workshops and conferences truly unique experiences. Stéfanie's presentations include several fascinating stories about her life as an athlete where she generously shares what learned from sports. Stéfanie Vallée is passionate about motivating others and finds great joy in helping reach their goals and surpass their own limits.

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  • Two-day to five-day workshops are available for groups (6 people minimum). For more information, please contact Stéfanie Vallée.

Technique Used

A water color created by Stéfanie Vallée is truly unique because each one is created 80% WITHOUT a brush. The artist pours color on the paper directly from her palette, letting water flow freely while it transports the color. Water coloring and kayaking are quite similar, when you think about it... Stéfanie artfully transforms the paper, masterfully creating shapes and bright, surprisingly pure colors.

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Stéfanie Vallée is a water color and mixed media artist and a motivational speaker. She shares her experience as an athlete with youth groups and speaks passionately about the extraordinary world of high performance sports. Stéfanie talks about how being an athlete enriched her life as a person, and an artist and demonstrate with sincerity how her lessons from sports truly apply to everyone's daily life.

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