« Your art speaks of love, strength and hope and these qualities truly come alive in your work. They represent the artist I know, always positive. Congratulations!  »

- Alain Carrier, Photographer

« Gorgeous! Amazing transparency! You use light splendidly! »

- Michel Cloutier

« water colors are like rainbows after the rain. The colors are alive and remind me of ripe fruits, ready to eat! »

- Conrad Vallée

« It's like being there, right under the falls. Your art is so alive! »

- Maude Bouchard

« Your water colors are appeasing for the soul. They are so fresh and full of light. I really enjoyed. »

- Claude Coté

« learned so much from your workshop, and not just about technique, the creative process and goals. I learned about the importance of connecting and discipline. I leave with a newly reignited fire inside, and I will remember to keep it burning every day. Thank you, Stéfanie »

- Lilianne Royer

« What an incredible showing! Thank you for sharing your joy and passion for water! »

- Francine Gagnon